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Fueling & Injectors


AEM 320L In-Tank Brandstofpomp

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AEM 320L In-Tank Brandstofpomp

AEM 320L In-Tank Brandstofpomp

€ 159,00

AEM’s High Flow In-Tank Fuel Pump is designed for high performance naturally aspirated and forced induction EFI vehicles. It delivers reliable performance and high volumes of fuel flow for roughly half the cost of comparable performance fuel pumps.

The AEM High Flow In-Tank Fuel Pump (PN 50-1000) flows 320 lph (84 gph) at 43 PSI and is capable of supporting over 1,000 HP at 43 PSI.*
AEM High Flow In-Tank Fuel Pump Features:
  • Designed for high output naturally aspirated and forced induction EFI vehicles
  • In-Tank design
  • Tested to flow 320 lph @ 43 PSI
  • 39mm diameter fits most applications
  • Offset inlet design eases installation
  • Each pump individually tested
  • For gasoline vehicles (pump life may be diminished when used with E85 fuel)
What's Included:
  • AEM Fuel Pump
  • Rubber Sleeve
  • End Caps
  • Pre Filter
  • Hose
  • Clamps
  • Flying Lead
Technical Specifications:
  • Weight: 10.1oz (285grams)
  • Outside Diameter: 39mm OD
  • External Materials: Black plated steel with laser etching
  • Inlet Fitting: 7.7mm ID, 11.0mm OD
  • Outlet Fitting: 8 mm hose clamp
  • PRV Activation: 90 PSI
  • Impeller Design: Single Scroll Hard Anodized Aluminum Turbine
Electrical Specifications:
  • Connector Terminal: 6 mm Spade (pos/neg)
  • Min Voltage Input: 6 volts
  • Max Voltage Input: 18 volts
  • Current Draw (40 psi): 12 amps (13.5v)
  • Current Draw (80 psi): 15 amps (13.5v)
* Power rating given at 43 PSI, 13.5v at the pump with a BSFC of .5. Flow capability for horsepower support is ultimately dependent on fuel hose diameter, and system electrical voltage and amperage capabilities.

Innovate MTX-L PLUS Digital Wideband Air/Fuel Gauge All-in-1

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Innovate MTX-L PLUS Digital Wideband Air/Fuel Gauge All-in-1

Innovate MTX-L PLUS Digital Wideband Air/Fuel Gauge All-in-1

€ 255,00

The New MTX-L PLUS wideband gauge features our patented DirectDigital™ technology and all-new Advanced Sensor Control which receives feedback from the sensor more frequently and optimizes heater control. The combination of these technologies makes the MTX-L Plus our fastest, most durable and accurate air/fuel ratio gauge ever!

* FASTER Sensor Frequency for faster O2 sensor feedback
* FASTER Analog Output Speed helps ensure that your ECU sees changes in air/fuel ratio as they happen
* ENHANCED Heater Control for superior sensor performance in forced induction and other high performance applications
* Large digital readout and programmable “Digital Needle” provides the functionality of a needle gauge with the pinpoint accuracy of a digital display
* Digital display in AFR or Lambda
* 52mm diameter gauge body with included interchangeable faceplates and bezels
* Bosch™ LSU 4.9 wideband O2 sensor
* Patented 100% digital wideband air/fuel ratio technology!
* Ability to calibrate O2 sensor for maximum accuracy
* Wideband O2 compatible with several fuel types
* Innovate MTS serial in/out (for use with MTS enabled devices to add additional logging channels)
* Datalog using powerful LogWorks software on your PC

MTX-L PLUS: Digital Wideband Air/Fuel Ratio Gauge Kit (8 Ft.) - Includes: Gauge, Silver Bezel, Black Bezel, White Faceplate, Black Faceplate, LSU 4.9 Wideband O2 Sensor, 8 Ft. Sensor Cable (Overall length 10 ft.), 1" Exhaust Bung, Program Cable, and Manual.