Nissan S13 RB25 - Custom Downpipe and Exhaust

  10/04/2018     Comments (0)

A friend sent me a video of his low hanging and leaking downpipe. He asked if I could fix it and while we are at it convert the exhaust to V-Bands. We talked about his wishes, the price and set a date. 2 weeks later he arrived at my workshop with his S13 on a trailer with what appeared to be a drift missile. Under the hood you could so the attention to detail! A fully built RB25 engine with a Borg Warner Precision 6262 strapped to it. What a beast.   Once the S13 was on the lift you could see what a hack job the downpipe was. It was MIG welded and looked like it was made out of scrap metal which the previous dutch tuning shop had lying around. Time for some good looking 3" Stainless Steel and TIG welds to make a downpipe that suits the rest of the...

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